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Motherhood is challenging to say the least.   Six Truths of Motherhood tackles sensitive topics that are relevant to today’s culture. In a world that increases in speed by each year that passes, learn how to take back control of the pace of your family. 

The Six Truths of Motherhood is the brand new Bible study by Birds on a Wire. In this six-lesson study, you will tackle some of the big challenges facing moms today like discipline, resentment, identity, and family values. You can successfully navigate culture, parent your children and still find time for you, and The Six Truths of Motherhood will help you go from surviving to thriving.

SESSION 1: Beyond Survival- Learn how to thrive and not just survive. 

SESSION 2: Hold The Line Pt.1- Learn to be the defensive line for your family and protect your children from outside influences.  

SESSION 3: Hold The Line Pt. 2

SESSION 4: Discipline- Look at the three stages of discipline in a child’s life, and how to discipline in an effective way. 

SESSION 5: The Scoreboard of Life- Life can throw us all a curveball, learn how to react in a way that will resist bitterness and self pity. 

SESSION 6: Finding You Again-  Being a mom is only part of who you are as a person.  Don’t lose yourself in the journey. 

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