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We believe new babies and new moms are a joy to behold. They are both cause for celebration. Honor the arrival of a new little one AND introduce their mom to Birds on a Wire. 

Each box comes with:

  • 101 Moments with God for Moms | Wisdom Cards
    • 101 soul-enriching and faith-filled messages of wisdom by Karen Stubbs. Perfect for moms navigating the challenging and wonderful journey of motherhood.
  • Moments with God Devotional
    • This year-long, daily devotional will meet you where you are and accompany you through the rewarding, challenging and God-ordained journey of motherhood. 

  • Your Choice of Zutano Booties
    • Award winning baby booties are soft, comfy and designed to stay on even the most wiggly little feet.
  • Your Choice of Angel Dear Lovey
    • A perfect little security blankie and tagalong for your child. The delicious cashmere-like material is perfect for babies and toddlers to snuggle.
  • Beautifully Wrapped Gift Box
    • Ready to gift with customizable enclosure card