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In this video series, Karen teaches moms of children ages 0-5 how to not only survive motherhood, but how to thrive in their role as a mom in this season. 

Each 15-20 minute session provides practical nuggets moms can apply today and focuses on the following topics: 

Session 1 - Know How to Keep Your Sanity
Karen highlights the difference between making sacrifices for your children and sacrificing yourself in the process. Karen talks through four areas of a mom’s health - Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual - with practical wisdom for staying healthy in each area. Because the healthier a mom is, the healthier her children will be.

Session 2 - Know How to Take Charge of Your Home
Karen addresses the problems that emerge when a toddler or a teen has taken the reins of control in the home. She gives practical steps so moms can take back charge of their home, and create an environment that reflects peace, love, and hospitality. Moms will get tips on how to parent smart, get organized, and create a home that works for their family. 

Session 3 - Know How to Be a Student of Your Child

Karen teaches that what works for one child will not always work for another. That’s why moms need to work to understand each child’s personality and parent according to the way God created them. Karen shares practical ways that this continual learning process will help moms effectively parent.

Session 4 - Know How to Discipline Your Child
Karen walks moms through three distinct discipline stages: the foundation years, the teaching years, and the coaching years. Karen details what each stage requires and provides practical examples of application in each stage.

Session 5 - Know How to Set Your Own Pace

Karen examines the pace moms keep these days - a pace that would rival that of any top business executive. To say moms are busy is an understatement. Karen gives guidance for setting a pace that works for moms and being intentional about the direction their family is headed.

Session 6 - Know Your Self-Worth 

Karen reminds moms of the value they bring to their family. She encourages moms to reflect on the following: what makes them special, what race has God given them to run, and what are their strengths and weaknesses? She encourages moms to find confidence and worth in the unique person and the unique parent God made them to be. 

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