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Take 2017's Soar conference home with you! If you couldn't attend this year or simply want to relive this year's conference, we've got you covered. This download includes video and audio recordings from the main sessions and audio from each breakout session.

If you purchased a download card at Soar 2017, visit birdsonawiremoms.com/soaronline to find instructions for downloading your product.

 This year Soar was about Grace, giving yourself grace as a mom and accepting God’s grace.  

Session 1
What is grace?Grace is the free and unmerited favor of God
Free: It doesn’t cost you anything, no obligations
Unmerited: not earned or deserved
Favor : approval , support 
Session 2 
In this session learn how to defeat the lies that get in the way of accepting God’s grace.  Whether you struggle with the idea that you don’t deserve grace, you must earn it or you don’t need it, learn how to overcome each of those obstacles.  
Session 3
 Learn how God covers all of our parenting mistakes with His amazing grace.  His love covers all and His grace is sufficient for us as moms.