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Take the conference home with you! If you couldn't attend Soar 2015, we've got you covered. This download includes video and audio recordings from the main sessions.


Session 1
The guilt a mom can carry is almost unbearable. Moms feel they must meet all of their children’s needs in order to be a good mom. But, in reality, moms cannot meet all of their children’s needs. That is God’s job. In session 1 learn how to lay your mom guilt at the feet of Christ, and leave it there.
Session 2
All moms are different and that is a good thing. In session 2 learn how to fly our flight pattern as a mom.  When we try to fly someone else’s flight pattern, it does not work. We are left frustrated. But, when we use our talents, gifts, and wiring to be the best mom that we can be, we can soar.  
Session 3
In order to soar as a mom, you must learn to not strive in your own effort, but to trust God and rest in Him.  Session 3 dives into how to abide with Jesus and allow Him to guide your life as a mom so you will have peace and joy.